Thinking Through Project-Based Learning: Guiding Deeper Inquiry
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Thinking Through Project-Based Learning: Guiding Deeper Inquiry
by Krauss, Jane A.

by Boss, Suzanne K.

Everything you need to know to lead effective and engaging project-based learning! Are you eager to try out project-based learning, but don't know where to start? How do you ensure that classroom projects help students develop critical thinking skills and meet rigorous standards? Find the answers in this step-by-step guide, written by authors who are both experienced teachers and project-based learning experts. Thinking Through Projects shows you how to create a more interactive classroom environment where students engage, learn, and achieve. Teachers will find A reader-friendly overview of project-based learning that includes current findings on brain development and connections with Common Core standards Numerous how-to's and sample projects for every K-12 grade level Strategies for integrating project learning into all main subject areas, across disciplines, and with current technology and social media Ways to involve the community through student field research, special guests, and ideas for showcasing student work Whether you are new to project-based learning or ready to strengthen your existing classroom projects, you'll find a full suite of strategies and tools in this essential book.


Publication date: 2013

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781452202563

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:5274

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