The Wolves in the Walls
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The Wolves in the Walls
by Gaiman, Neil

When Lucy hears noises from behind the wall she tries to warn her parents that there are wolves banging about. But her parents don't listen. When the wolves finally take over the house and Lucy and her family are evicted to live in the garden, her parents realise perhaps they should have listened. But Lucy is no shrinking violet and pretty soon she has the wolves out and the family back in the house. So what was that noise Lucy heard coming from behind the wall? This is a brilliant, witty and inventive picture book with cutting-edge art, which is sure to be a hit with existing fans of Neil Gaiman as well as young readers.


Publication date: 2007

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780747591627

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:11581

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