The Windsurf Girl: A story of intrigue, avarice and romance
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The Windsurf Girl: A story of intrigue, avarice and romance
by Meadowcroft, M. A.

Fran is desperate to escape city life and her husband, who she suspects is having an affair. She flees with her little girl to a remote beach hut on the windswept shores of the Suffolk coast. When she is followed there by her brother, sister-in-law Annabel and the outrageously seductive Lydia, village life on the peaceful Suffolk marshes spirals into freefall. While the locals are fighting their duels with each other and the London set, Fran rediscovers her passion for windsurfing through Tom, a windsurfer she watches out in the bay. But as she basks in the knowledge of his growing feelings for her, she is unaware of a long-hidden secret that is his bedfellow. The story shifts between the hectic city and peaceful coast as Fran is thrown between both worlds. In London she is forced again into her husband's life of excess, with devastating consequences, and she finds herself drawn to the village of Warbleton and its colourful, quirky locals. When Annabel discovers evidence of their husbands' corrupt dealings, the two women must take a gamble that could impact on the lives of everyone they hold dear in order to finally break free. Inspired by authors from many eras and genres, The Windsurf Girl is a romantic tale with a fascinating heroine and an underlying theme of escapism. It will appeal to readers who enjoy a story of heartache, humour and hidden strengths.


Publication date: 05 Jun 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781783063697

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:7786

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