The Unforgettable Customer Experience: Win Customers. Keep Customers.
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The Unforgettable Customer Experience: Win Customers. Keep Customers.
by Kimber, Richard

Richard Kimber believes that no one deliberately sets out to create a poor customer experience. When organisations are small, personal service is easier to deliver. This book is aimed at the Solopreneur, where in the early days customer service is usually excellent and very manageable – in fact initially that’s often why most solopreneurs win business – they over-deliver!

However, as the solopreneur’s business grows, competing priorities, increasing workload and growth challenges set in, and it’s easy to lose focus on the customer experience and the service you provide.

When the customer experience starts to slip, so then does customer loyalty, sales and profit.

In this book it is believed that every organisation, no matter its’ size, is capable of delivering a great customer experience and how not to lose sight of this as your solopreneur business grows.

‘The Unforgettable Customer Experience’ will help you to step back and re-focus on what’s most important to your customers.

It will start at the beginning; establishing what customer experience is, and why it is so important. This book will show you how customer service impacts on; sales, turnover, and cashflow, and the long term effects poor customer service can have on a business. It will demonstrate the importance of introducing easy-to-follow strategies to create maximum effect. And, how to measure your results.

This book will help you to understand why customer experience should remain a priority in your Solopreneur business and how to create the greatest of benefits for you, your customers, and your business.


Publication date: 20 Dec 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780993056925

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:4771

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