The Startup Game: Inside the Partnership Between Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs
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The Startup Game: Inside the Partnership Between Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs
by Draper, William H.

Entrepreneurs drive the future, and the last several decades have been a thrilling ride of astounding, far-reaching innovation. Behind this transformative progress are the venture capitalists, who are at once the investors, coaches, and allies of the entrepreneurs. William H. Draper III knows this story firsthand because as a venture capitalist he helped write it. For more than 40 years, Bill Draper has worked with top entrepreneurs in fabled Silicon Valley, where today's vision is made into tomorrow's reality. The Startup Game is the first up-close look at how the relationship between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs is critical to enhancing the success of any economy. From a venture capitalist who saw the potential of Skype, Hotmail, OpenTable, and many other companies comes firsthand stories of success. In these pages, Draper explores how to evaluate innovative ideas and the entrepreneurs behind those ideas, and he shares lessons from Yahoo, Zappos, Baidu, Tesla Motors, Activision, Measurex, and more. Also, in revealing his on-the-ground account of how Deng Xiaoping brought China roaring into the modern world and how Manmohan Singh unlocked the creative genius of Indian entrepreneurs, Draper stresses the essential value of farsighted political leadership in creating opportunity. Lastly, the author discusses his efforts to bring the best practices of the venture capitalist/entrepreneur partnership to the social sector. Written in an engaging narrative and incorporating many of the author's personal experiences, this book provides a much-needed look at how the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship works.


Publication date: 2012

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780230339941

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:7682

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