The Secrets of Success in Coaching : 12 Ways to Excel as a Coach
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The Secrets of Success in Coaching : 12 Ways to Excel as a Coach
by Cope, Mick

Secrets of Success in Coaching will bring a breath of fresh air to a subject dominated by case-driven and model-based scenarios. It seeks to demystify and open up the coaching practise and provide tried, tested and solid ways for any coach to develop their skills.

Packed full of essential core skills, plain facts and essential tips, tricks and advice all learnt from years of experience, it’s simple to follow, easy to understand and everything is delivered in a friendly and very accessible way.

As a method of training, directing and developing people, coaching continues to increase in popularity and is one of the most common tools used to help people improve their professional and private lives.

At last, here’s a book that strips away the usual complicated and unwieldy approaches and leaves just the golden nuggets, the insider knowledge and the real secrets of success; everything you really need to know to be the best coach you can be.


Publication date: 2010

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780273731849

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:4451

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