The International Student Handbook
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The International Student Handbook
by Reinders, Hayo

by Marilyn Lewis

by Nick Moore

Organized around important aspects of life as an international student, this essential handbook introduces the landmark skills required for success in an overseas university.This book is based on experiences from many countries and many students. It deals with all aspects of higher education in a foreign country. It helps students with positive tips and suggestions. It covers practical, financial and social questions.Written especially for second language speakers of English, this practical handbook contains tips and suggestions to prepare students to live abroad, understand university culture and practice, and to improve their English. It is built around activities that give hands-on practice to make overseas university study a success.


Publication date: 04 Sep 2008

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780230545199

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:8224

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