The Elusive Soulmate
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The Elusive Soulmate
by Knight, Valerie

The Elusive Soulmate takes a lively and light-hearted look at that powerful drive familiar to us all...the yearning to find that one Special Person who will make our life complete. It blends fiction with spirituality in a charming story about finding a soulmate. Thirty-year-old Jenny, who has always considered herself to be anything but a romantic and who is determinedly resistant to any concept of reincarnation and destiny and All That Stuff, has a rude awakening during a Rachmananinov concert at the Festival Hall. By some strange alchemy, the Second Piano Concerto throws her off balance by unleashing her inner romantic and driving her on an almost obsessive quest to find The One. After years of fruitless searching, and as her 40th birthday looms, Jenny is informed by a psychic that the elusive soulmate does indeed exist, that his name is Dominic and that she will find him within a fortnight by looking 'closer to home'. Jenny applies herself to the exasperating task of trying to uncover which of the various men in her life have that essential Dominic-connection. In the process, she is forced to reconnect with past lives and loves in order to acknowledge the Truth...The Elusive Soulmate is laced with mystical truths which are presented with such lightness of touch that the reader absorbs them effortlessly as the fairytale unfolds. The book will appeal to readers who already have an interest in spirituality and reincarnation and anyone looking for a bit of feel-good escapism.


Publication date: 28 May 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781783064199

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:7789

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