The Complete Illustrated World Guide to Freshwater Fish & River Creatures
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The Complete Illustrated World Guide to Freshwater Fish & River Creatures
by Gilpin, Daniel

Featuring over 650 fish, reptiles and amphibians, including salmon, chubs, bass, catfish, darters, eels, cichlids, piranhas, tetras, turtles, crocodiles and many more. this title includes a detailed reference section that covers anatomy, senses, classification, breeding and feeding, with superb illustrations. Stunning pictorial reconstructions show the major types of freshwater habitat - from cool lakes to tropical swamps - and the creatures you are likely to find in them. Species are profiled in encyclopedic continental sections, with key information on distinguishing physical features, lifestyle and habits. 700 identification images make this an invaluable guide. This comprehensive volume offers superb world coverage of the many kinds of fish, reptiles and amphibians living in the freshwater environment, from river catchments and swift-flowing streams to murky swamps and clear-water lakes. It begins with an introduction to freshwater biology, and then contains fully illustrated directories profiling over 650 fish, turtles, newts and crocodiles. The species are presented with superb illustrations, and there are maps and quick-reference data panels to pinpoint distribution, habitat, food, size and breeding habits. With over 700 glorious images to assist identification, this information-packed resource is likely to appeal to anglers and aquarium enthusiasts, as well as to the general reader.


Publication date: Oct 2013

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781846814693

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:8322

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