The Business of Creativity : An Expert Guide to Starting and Growing a Business in the Creative Sector
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The Business of Creativity : An Expert Guide to Starting and Growing a Business in the Creative Sector
by Jacobsen, Michael

Would you like to earn a living following your creative passion and doing what you love every day? This book will show you how. In The Business of Creativity, Michael Jacobsen draws on his rich experience of owning and operating global entertainment businesses to provide the practical guidance that creative start-ups need to get going. His two key mantras are that each business needs a vision, mission and values, and that the route to success is to observe those who have been successful in your sector and to model their approach. As well as explaining exactly how to do this, he covers the business essentials that all creative entrepreneurs need to consider. The creative sector is worth GBP36bn a year to the British economy; it is big business and the opportunity is there for entrepreneurs in creative industries to start up and build successful businesses. But bridging the gap between creativity and commerce can be difficult - some see a conflict between artistic integrity and a profit motive, and how exactly do you take your spare room creative enterprise to the next level?In this book Jacobsen looks at: what foundations to put in place to get your business started; how to set up and grow your business; sources of funding and tips for organising business finances; what angels and other investors will look for; where to find support; and the psychology of business success. There are also numerous case studies from successful creative businesses of all sizes and wisdom from high-profile businesspeople operating in the creative sector. This straight-talking business guide is packed with actionable advice and essential tips to give you everything you need to start and grow your creative business.


Publication date: 18 Jun 2013

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781908003362

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:5151

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