The Boy Next Door
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The Boy Next Door
by Cabot, Meg

Melissa Fuller has managed to rack up dozens of tardies, but this time, her excuse is a really good one, albeit unique. She has discovered her elderly neighbor lying comatose, the apparent survivor of the city's current serial killer, the transvestite killer. Mel now feels responsible for taking care of the old lady's dog while she lies in the hospital, and walking the giant dog with a pea sized bladder is causing serious complications to her life. With the assistance of well meaning friends, she tracks down the woman's one living relative, Max, a nephew, and contacts him to come help with the dog, and see his dying aunt.

Max is, however, a selfish SOB, who had rather complete his vacation with a Victoria's Secret supermodel than come walk a great dane and visit an old, but rich relative. Thus, he calls in a favor and enlists John Trent to impersonate him so that should his aunt awaken, she won't think him the uncaring cad he really is. Reluctantly, John agrees, and immediately finds himself falling for Mel. The attraction is mutual, but the matter of his deception lies between them. What will happen should Mel find out that "Max" is John?


Publication date: 2002

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780060096199

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:11169

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