The Boathouse
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The Boathouse
by Harries, R. J.

Sean Archer is a self-taught criminologist and profiler who has been obsessed with crime since his parents were found dead when he was 14 years old. A computer savant, who has developed digital profiling tools, that the police have come to depend on. Sean has acquired a reputation for being able to solve crimes that no one else can - but when his own girlfriend, Alex, is brutally murdered, whilst researching an off-grid torture facility called The Boathouse, his brilliant inventions are of no use. Alex has left little for Sean to decipher - only a list of names. Peter Sinclair, a property billionaire, contacts Sean for help. Peter's wife, Becky, has been kidnapped and will be killed if he reports it to the police, or refuses to follow instructions. Sean agrees to help, not because he wants the case, but because Peter Sinclair was on Alex's list. When Sean tracks Becky down, she leads him right where he wants to go - or so he thinks. As he climbs over the wall of The Boathouse, he's certain he's just one step from finding Alex's killers - but Sean is utterly unprepared for solving the crime and surviving such a daunting place. The Boathouse is more heinous, more sinister, than anything Sean had ever imagined and he has little chance of surviving...The Boathouse is a complex suspense thriller that will be enjoyed by readers who thrive on solving crime investigations. The dense plot with multiple twists presents excitement and intrigue to Sean's investigation. "I want my readers to enjoy a fascinating journey that reveals thoughtful discussions about society that questions issues such as violence, treachery and revenge, whilst providing quality entertainment," says R. J. Harries. His writing style is comparable to Simon Kernick and Lee Child, and he has primarily been inspired by crime genre authors, Jo Nesbo and Jeffery Deaver.


Publication date: 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781783064076

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:7765

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