The Art of Industrial Warfare: The Most Powerful Industrial Combat Method in the World
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The Art of Industrial Warfare: The Most Powerful Industrial Combat Method in the World
by Manzoor, Amar

The author has fused his wide knowledge of business with traditional Chinese combat techniques to develop, 7Tao, a new business methodology, to counter what he foresees as an increasingly intense economic and industrial war between China and the USA. The West, having won the 20th century ideological battle between Soviet communism and Western capitalism, was slow to realise that the battle with China was no longer ideological but a straight fight between Chinese and Western capitalism. The first sign of the US government's realisation that the industrial base of the United States was being eroded by unscrupulous competition from China was an article in 2009 in Politico magazine reporting that the Pentagon had sponsored 'the-first-of its-kind' economic war game at John Hopkins University. In 2012 in his State of the Union address, President Obama announced the creation of an International Trade Enforcement Centre (ITEC) to investigate unfair trading practices. A decade earlier, Amar Manzoor had realised that the 21st century would be dominated by economic and industrial war between an emergent China and a declining USA, and that the old Western rules would no longer apply. To the Chinese, competing in the global economy is a combat discipline, so what better way of dealing with the situation than using their tactics? This book reveals the secrets of the Chinese practice of industrial warfare so that the West can compete again on a level playing field. It shows how factories, markets, and whole economic regions can benefit from adopting the mindset of industrial warfare. 7Tao has been teaching the Art of Industrial Warfare(R), conducting industrial combat seminars across a large number of companies for over ten years, implementing the industrial fighting system and preparing companies for what will be a difficult future. The results have been very encouraging.


Publication date: 11 Apr 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780856832970

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:8283

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