Texts, Tweets, Trolls and Teens
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Texts, Tweets, Trolls and Teens
by Naik, Anita

by Bentley, Joyce

The online world is a whirl of texts, tweets, trolls, teens and more but how do you stay safe in this fast-paced online world? Teen Life Confidential is here to help with this guide to safe social networking. New technology, amazing apps and an array of social networks make the digital world an exciting place to be. But it can also be a worrying world of anxiety, stress, and another route for bullies to use. Written by experienced author Anita Naik, this title explores all aspects of a teenager's online life, from simple texting behaviour to how to deal with the negative side. We look at how young people use tech, what is social media, the issues of privacy, and the negatives of online life. Including: The 10 ways to stay safe online checklist. Each section is accompanied by quotes from teenagers to give examples of real-life problems that teenagers experience every day. We also feature quizzes to help readers to assess their own behaviour and work out what their tech style is. Anita Naik is an author, columnist, blogger and journalist. She started her career as advice columnist on the teen magazine Just 17, and is now the agony aunt at Teen Now magazine and Avon Connects. She is also a regular contributor to the parenting technology site Quibly (http://www.quib.ly) and writes regularly on the subjects of teens, tech, parenting, education and social media, across various media platforms and magazines. Quibly is a parenting tech site answering every question you could possibly have about your kids online. We are grateful to Holly Seddon and James Diamond from Quibly for their advice in the creation of this book. For more information please visit: http://quib.ly/welcome Chapter One - How are you using tech? looks at what teens are doing online and when. Chapter Two - Texting teens takes a look at the phenomenon of messaging; teens are at it all the time, so what's it all about? Chapter Three - Social Media looks at what teens are doing on social media, the problems of social media, and encourages teenagers to think about what they are posting. Chapter Four - Privacy Issues takes a look at the privacy controls available to teens, and how and why they should be used. Chapter Five - The Dark Side talks to teens about the side of online life that is unsafe, including trolls and trolling, cyberbullying, grooming and illegal activity and content, giving advice on how to avoid them and how to deal with situations that can become frightening and stressful. A Help Section gives details of places to look for further help and guidance, and a glossary explains specific terms to readers.


Publication date: 13 Feb 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780750280334

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:8531

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