Talking With The New Business Dragons : The Essential Guide to Doing Business in China
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Talking With The New Business Dragons : The Essential Guide to Doing Business in China
by Petrie, Melville

by Helsby, Yingshi

The first edition of this pocket-size volume, written by international businessman, sinologist and inter-cultural expert, Melville Petrie, was warmly received in UK and across Europe by Western businessmen and women embarking on the China Trade. Impressed by his colleague Yingshi Helsby's unique grasp of how the Chinese culture and British cultures interact due to her own upbringing and life experiences across China and Asia, Petrie invited her to co-author this second edition. Yingshi brings a wealth of experience of business and oriental working practices to the attention of our readers. This rewritten second edition offers enhanced depth and updated guidance in the wake of seismic global economic change through which China has grown wealthier and wealthier. Immensely readable and relevant, this thought-provoking book takes a structured and knowledgeable view of The People's Republic of China as it both develops as a modern society and takes on an increasingly influential geo-political role on the world stage. Yingshi explains how thousands of years of Chinese philosophy and religion still affect everyday life and business in China today. Melville Petrie's innovative analysis of business behaviours explains why Chinese and Westerners behave the way they do and gives guidance in putting together strategy and rolling out business. Yingshi covers many important aspects of how to do business with Chinese in detail, including language tips, advice on business cards, and why you should have your own interpreter for important negotiation or meetings. Busy executives can quickly come to grips with why things happen the way they do, manage "guanxi" effectively and trade successfully in China.


Publication date: 2013.

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781852527211

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:4555

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