Startups: Business Plans for Small Businesses: How to Prepare, Write and Pitch a Successful Business Plan
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Startups: Business Plans for Small Businesses: How to Prepare, Write and Pitch a Successful Business Plan
by Barrow, Colin

Startups.co.uk brings you the latest expert guide in their popular series for new and small businesses; Business Plans for Small Businesses. Taking you step-by-step through every aspect of planning, preparing and perfecting a successful business plan, from carrying out essential market research and business financing to profit projections and the executive summary.

Whether you have just started up or you are thinking about starting your own business, Business Plans for Small Businesses is packed with all the essential advice, insight and up-to-date information for writing and confidently pitching a successful business plan. Written in a jargon-free style and set out in an easy to master step-by-step approach, meaning you can tackle every stage of planning, perfecting and pitching both quickly and easily. With real-life tips and advice from entrepreneurs who have written successful business plans, you can learn from the experts and apply their valuable knowledge today. Plus, all the latest information and advice on planning methods and strategies, how to carry out market research, business finance as well as business plan examples to help you get started. Business Plans for Small Businesses is your complete toolkit for business plan success, including...Preparing your plan and setting your business goals Researching the market and positioning your business Working out budgets - identifying change, trends and opportunities Writing your plan, presentation and style Pitching your plan - perfect and pitch your plan to potential investors Startups.co.uk is the most popular independent website for anyone starting a business in the UK. Launched in 2000 by a successful entrepreneur, it offers unrivalled advice and inspiration from leading entrepreneurs to over 150,000 people every month.


Publication date: 10 Dec 2012

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781854586841

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:4633

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