Stand & Deliver: A Masterclass in Powerful Presentations
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Stand & Deliver: A Masterclass in Powerful Presentations
by Barnes, Mark

by Barnes, Mary-Jane

Stand & Deliver is a journey through the A-Z of presenting, containing practical and incisive 'how-to' content, interwoven with the advanced tactics needed to make powerful presentations. Beginning with a self-scoring skills analysis, Stand & Deliver introduces the four corner-stones which underpin any successful presentation and provides a clear process for preparation, structure and keeping to time. With guidelines on non-verbal communications, voice and delivery, as well as tips on managing nerves, it will enable even the least confident of presenters to get started, whilst for the more experienced, Stand & Deliver is a rich resource of 'next-step' ideas, designed to hone existing skills, grow credibility and increase professional impact. Stand & Deliver is a product of its time. It addresses the challenges faced by the 'PowerPoint generation', highlighting the dangers of becoming over dependent on technology; it introduces the idea of 'gisting decks' and shows how best to leverage benefit when presenting with others, or as part of a team. Used by business people, or as a resource by coaches and trainers, the wide ranging and all encompassing Stand & Deliver can offer foundation skills and deeper insights and nudges, or be used as support materials for an entire training programme. Whatever the experience level, Stand & Deliver provides everything that is needed to prepare and deliver powerful presentations that have real impact.


Publication date: 21 May 2013

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781852527198

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:4589

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