Solfatara: A Story of the British Indian Frontier
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Solfatara: A Story of the British Indian Frontier
by Hennessy, John Gerrard

by Hennessy, Ann

Solfatara: A natural volcanic vent, or fumarole, from which sulphur gases and water vapour periodically escape from deep below the surface. Enter the North West Frontier Provinces (NWFP) of British India at a time of uncertainty and unrest. Between the wars, with Ghandi foreshadowing Independence, there is tension between British and Indian as ancient traditions meet modern politics. A glimpse into police and military life in the NWFP is interwoven with fascinating detail of customs, history, science, religion and philosophy in this captivating novel. The book was conceived and largely written by John Gerrard Hennessy, who served in the Indian Imperial Police. His personal experience, shrewd insight, evocative description, humour and irony add verisimilitude to a tale of kidnap and adventure. The issues faced by each character carry a powerful message of tolerance and respect that is relevant today. Brought to light by the author's granddaughter, Solfatara is an enjoyable story for anyone with an interest in British Indian history.


Publication date: 28 Apr 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781783063055

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:7835

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