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by Fallon, Jane

Top ten bestselling author Jane Fallon writes of discovered secrets and the price of keeping them in her stunning new novel, Skeletons. Jen has discovered a secret. It's not hers to share, but is it hers to keep? If she tells her husband Jason, he might get over the shock but will he forgive her for telling the truth? She might drive a wedge through their marriage. If she tells someone else in Jason's family - the family she's come to love more than her own - she'd not only tear them apart but could also find herself on the outside: she's never really been one of them, after all. But if she keeps this dirty little secret to herself, how long can she pretend nothing is wrong? How long can she live a lie? Jen knows the truth - but is she ready for the consequences? Praise for Jane Fallon: "Intelligent, edgy and witty". (Glamour). "Irresistibly dark...Fallon's tone is still winningly acerbic". (Guardian). "Smart, sassy and dark". (Heat). Jane Fallon is the multi-award-winning television producer behind shows such as This Life, Teachers and 20 Things to Do Before You're 30. Her previous books include Getting Rid of Matthew, Got You Back, Foursome and The Ugly Sister. Skeletons is her fifth novel.


Publication date: 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780141047263

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:7636

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