Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams
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Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams
by Caddick, Veronica

Crystal Cove, 2012: Tilly Puzzle is flabbergasted when the mysterious revelation of a wondrous treasure propels her into an epic adventure to fulfil her highest destiny in a final battle against the darkest traitor of all that is of love. But time is drawing to an end, the ghastly future seeping through in a gut-wrenching game of catch-up. Who will win? Crystal Cove, 2031: The rebels are drawing up war plans, civil unrest at breaking point as degrading sweeps begin to mass-test humans for the terrifying disease caused by the government-bioengineered King cattle breed. Two men, Samuel and Napoleon Duchont, have absconded from the CADS regiment. Their future: Wyoming Docks, the notorious prison where inmates' identities are wiped piece by piece, replaced with implanted horror films. But when a failed rescue mission lands Sam with old scrolls, the brothers are lured into one final, dangerous mission through time to find a legendary place called Rainbow City - its downfall shrouded in mysterious circumstances. Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams is for all who dare to grasp their dearest dreams, to believe that love can conquer the pervading darkness in this, humanity's ultimate battle as 21st December, 2012 fast approaches. What will you choose? The answer's in your heart! This epic adventure will appeal to young readers aged 11 and older who enjoy fantasy and mystery fiction. Author Veronica is inspired by fantasy films including Labyrinth, mystical adventures as well as clever, psychological thrillers. Anything with exciting twists that leave you pondering them for hours!" says Veronica.


Publication date: 2012

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781780881249

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:4586

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