OUS Supplementary Reader: Teen Anari
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OUS Supplementary Reader: Teen Anari
by Azfar, Amina

Oxford Urdu Silsila (OUS) is a complete reading programme with skillfully structured sentences and carefully graded concepts.OUS is designed to help develop skills that will be invaluable to school children in all future language-learning. OUS is designed to encourage students to acquire creative and analytical abilities. With the help of the stories and other texts, the programme aims to capture the child’s imagination and interests. OUS’s reading programme gives students the confidence to become accomplished readers. The programme stimulates discussion of everyday episodes of contemporary life — encouraging proficiency in language communication.WorkbooksThere are five Workbooks and one combined core workbook at Level 1 and one each for Levels 2 to 5. These Workbooks focus on a wide range of activities. They reinforce reading skills and develop language abilities through guided language practice — leading the child into a world of confident creative writing.Teacher’s GuidesCan also be used as parental guides.Each Teacher’s Guide includes:Guidance on assessing children’s reading abilityDetailed practical notes on using the Pupil’s BookActivities to develop research and information-handling skillsMore language activities with grammar and comprehension materialDetailed explanations of how to get the most from each stage Core Readers, Picture Readers, Teacher's Guides, Workbooks and Supplementary Readers


Publication date: 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9780195791716

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:11215

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