How They Started: How 8 Good Ideas Became Great Businesses
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How They Started: How 8 Good Ideas Became Great Businesses
by Lester, David

What famous pizzeria sold slices out of windows for just 10p? Which entrepreneurs started out making their own smoothie recipes without any experience? Which successful bed company founder funded his start-up using a loan for a kitchen refurbishment? This inspiring pocket sized edition of How They Started Pocket Edition discovers how successful brands got where they are today. If you need encouragement, inspiration or are just curious about building a successful business this pocket edition will show you how one small idea can become a big brand. With success stories from retail and restaurants to manufacturing, How They Started Pocket Edition relives the humble beginnings of Dyson, GU, Dreams and many more companies through interviews with the founders on how they built their companies and how they overcame adversity.

The book answers questions including: What that one important idea was How they chose their name Where the funding came from and how they got it How they overcame any obstacles to success If you're fascinated by business or have ambitions to be the next James Caan this pocket edition is packed with insight into big name brands and How They Started. Find out how a good idea turned into a great one.


Publication date: 15 Jun 2011

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781854586896

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:4609

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