Farmer Duck
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Farmer Duck
by Waddell, Martin

by Oxenbury, Helen Illustrator

Poor Duck, he has to do everything around the farm whilst the Farmer lies in bed eating chocolates and gets fatter and fatter. “How goes the work?” the Farmer asks, “Quack!” says the Duck. This wonderfully illustrated and funny book from Martin Waddell tells the tale of the hardworking duck how does everything from feeding the cows to shooing the hens safely into their coop at night without a rest. When the farmer’s incessant question of “How goes the work?” gets too much for duck his friends the cows, sheep and hens, who love duck very much, have a meeting with all the other farm animals to find a solution to poor duck’s plight and rid themselves of the lazy farmer. Through the story children learn how working together and helping out friends is the right thing to do and ultimately reaps rewards whereas being lazy like the farmer won’t get you very far! Martin Waddell is no stranger to writing successful children’s stories and doesn’t disappoint with this delightfully engaging and slightly quirky tale.


Publication date: 2012

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781846110665

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:8701

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