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by McMillan, Sheila

Dunfillan is Sheila McMillan's debut autobiography, a compelling, frank and often graphic account of post war family life. Combining many tales of her life with descriptions and photographs of Derbyshire, Sheila's work, which took many years of hard work to compile, is published for the first time. Village life in her sleepy Northern village is revealed in all its complexity, captured vividly through the sharp eyes of a young girl, Sheila Smeaton. Around every corner McMillan treats us to candid, unsentimental tales of life as it was for one family of four and for their family and friends. Every line pulses with realism and insight to create a remarkable literary tapestry which moves and delights the reader. This work is striking with its genuine, touching and honest revelations. McMillan pulls no punches in her savage, no nonsense style. It's a real gutsy page-turner which leaves no stone unturned. The people in the story are revealed, warts and all, the father being an ever present shadow who lurks and looms behind every page. Much feared by his daughter he is a haunting paradox.

Underneath the rough and ready rugged Scottish charm, he rules the roost with an iron fist. I recommend this autobiography to those who enjoy any writer who writes about life as it was not seen through rose-tinted spectacles as if she truly cares, with all the loss of innocence and the way we lived then sensation, without glossing over any of the roughest edges. Just enter the doors of Dunfillan, the house where Sheila's story began, and you won't be disappointed.


Publication date: 28 Feb 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781849634205

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:5349

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