Doors without Numbers: A Wallace Hammond Novel
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Doors without Numbers: A Wallace Hammond Novel
by Neill, C. D.

Disillusioned D.I Wallace Hammond is unconvinced when his retired commanding officer DCI Lloyd Harris, seeks Hammond's help to investigate a series of dubious suicides. Before he can identify whether there is any truth in Harris' suspicions, Hammond must make a connection between the victims. Then there is another death and Harris goes missing. As Hammond follows a trail of deceit, he becomes an unknown's killer's fixation. Now he is on a one man's crusade to catch the killer before he is the next victim; playing the hunter as well as the hunted in a terrifying game of corruption and murder.


Publication date: 2013

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781781486306

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:8398

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