Black Canary and Zatanna : Bloodspell
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Black Canary and Zatanna : Bloodspell
by Dini, Paul

by Quinones, Joe Artist

by McCaig, Dave Colourist

Black Canary - Dinah Lance -- mistress of martial arts. Zatanna Zatara - mistress of magic. Heroines, teammates, friends. Now, in this original graphic novel, two of the DC Universe's brightest stars join forces to combat a deadly new threat - a chilling supernatural foe that preys on their weaknesses and unleashes their awesome powers against each other. A year ago, Black Canary infiltrated a gang of female criminals set to pull a dangerous heist at a Las Vegas casino. Its leader was skilled in hand-to-hand combat and with more than a passing interest in the occult, specifically black magic, one nasty customer. Rather than be taken by Canary or the law, she went to her death, vowing she would get revenge on Canary and her own former gang members. Now, a year to the day later, death stalks those gang members, and Canary must turn to her friend Zatanna to help investigate.


Publication date: 2014

ISBN: URN:ISBN:9781401210540

OPAC reference: KOHA-OAI-BCP:8758

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