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The world’s largest newsstand on your device! With publications including The Economist, New Scientist and Vogue. Create an account using your library card and read online or download using the app.


Academic Textbooks

Access to thousands of academic e-books covering subjects from the humanities and engineering to law and public policy. British Council library members can access this resource with their membership number.


English Language

Literature Online is the leading online resource for the study and teaching of literature in English, combining key criticism and reference resources. Read online now or save to your device for later.


Journal Papers

JSTOR is one of the most widely used academic resources around the world. The collection features more than 2,000 academic journals in the Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Humanities.


Newspapers and Magazines

The latest newspapers and magazines from across the globe, with publications for fans of current affairs, technology, business and finance and magazines for kids. You can download publications through the app or view online now.