Imran Azhar, founder of AzCorp, discusses how comics and storytelling can inspire young people and promote social justice

This month we are collaborating with AzCorp Entertainment to bring you the chance to design your very own comic!

We were lucky enough to chat to Imran Azhar, the CEO and Founder of AzCorp Entertainment. Watch the video to find out how they use comics and storytelling to promote social justice, tolerance, and equality.

AzCorp Entertainment showcases local heroes and explores positive role models. Their Mein Hero (I Am a Hero) initiative aims to encourage young minds to identify qualities of a hero and to develop problem-solving skills to resolve matters. This programme is a celebration of unsung heroes in society and the amazing work that they do.

Design your own comic!

This May we bring you a 2-day workshop at the Karachi Library where you’ll get to create your own hero for social change! Register here

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Karachi Library:

12 and 13 May | Make It at the Library: Create Your Own Comic with AzCorp

12 May | Joy of Urdu Reading Group at the Library

27 May | Book Club: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Lahore Library:

26 May | Book Club: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

27 May | Make It at the Library: A Soap Making Workshop with Health & Nutrition Union