Enid Blyton's 120th Birthday

In honour of her 120th birthday, we look at how Enid Blyton had a knack for peeping into a child’s imagination, taking out the most interesting bits and turning them into exciting, albeit slightly dangerous escapades. Add in a sprinkle of mystery, a few beloved pets and a hint of magic here and there and the widely loved Enid Blyton books were good to go!

The Famous Five

It is impossible for anyone to pick one book out of The Famous Five series and not want to read the rest! Taking children to the sort of adventures that only dreams are made of; Julian, Dick, Anne, George and the dog Timmy gave life to the books. Armed with maps, fresh sandwiches, torches and a drive for adventure, the five would set off to make the most of their holidays and chance upon strange encounters along the way. From chasing convicts to trailing after strange noises in the dark, the five would always have a mystery to solve. Timmy of course would be the perfect canine; he would have a lick of an ice cream in the hot summer and come to the rescue of the four whenever the need arose. The Famous Five series made the mundane seem extraordinary and ensured that no summer was devoid of adventure!

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The Faraway Tree

When Jo, Bessie and Fanny discover a magical tree in the enchanted woods, excitement is sure to follow! The Faraway Tree series takes children to strange places such as the Land of Enchantments, the Land of Treats and the Land of Topsy-Turvy. Here they come across magical creatures, are thrown into the craziest of adventures and witness fascinating turn of events. The Saucepan-Man from the Land of toys, Silky the Fairy and Moon-Face are some of the mystical creatures that the children happen to chance upon. They strike up friendships, do some saving and have a grand time along the way. The Faraway Tree trilogy has just the right ingredients of magic and dreamlike alternate realities; taking the readers on the best ride of their lives!

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Malory Towers

Enid Blyton takes out all the dreariness from a boarding school and makes it the best place to be at in the Malory Towers series. With Darrell Rivers in the forefront, the book series is a mix of fun, harmless school pranks and warm, childhood friendships. It teaches young readers how it’s perfectly okay to have a certain personality flaw, like Darrell Rivers with her fiery temper but what is important is how we overcome it. The book is a perfect blend of fun and valuable life lessons; demonstrating the importance of being good while also staying true to yourself. With exciting characters, a constantly evolving plot and a fierce protagonist, it was hard to not put Malory Towers in our pick of the top five!

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The Wishing Chair

The Wishing Chair series by Enid Blyton serves as the perfect addition to her enchanting collection of books. It gives a fabulous twist to an ordinary looking chair and takes two kids, Peter and Mollie to all sorts of magical places and exciting adventures. The book series features an adorable pixie, Chinky who takes care of the wishing chair when the children are off to school but as soon as the holidays begin, all the fun resumes! The Wishing Chair series leaves the readers not just happy to be taken to exciting adventures but also wishing for their own chairs to grow some wings. After all, the adventures of Peter, Mollie and Chinky on a chair that flies are truly enviable!

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The Secret Seven

The Secret Seven books are about a group of seven kids who form a secret club, hold regular meetings at the garden shed and require a password for entry that only the seven know of. With all sorts of rules to comply with, short lemonade breaks and mysteries to be solved, the book is a complete delight for young readers. The seven face countless challenges, from going on a trail to find a missing school girl to thwarting the plans of Jack’s annoying sister; they are always packed with adventure. The series inspires children to unearth the investigator in them, find answers to mysteries through helpful clues, form secret societies and have a fun time with their close friends in the process!

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