The sci-fi films you need to see

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Mark's Secret to Eternal Life (2013) directed by John Paul Rice

This is the kind of stuff we all have nightmares about: waking up in a parallel world where nobody knows who we are. When it happens to Mark, he learns an ugly truth: that he and everyone he loves will soon die a painful death.

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Prodigal Son (2011) directed by CJ Scuffins

Set in the heart of Ireland’s gangland violence, this spooky sci-fi flick explores what happens when a mobster’s son is brought back from the dead at the hands of a shadowy medical company.

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Attack of the Brainsucker (2013) directed by Sid Zanforlin

It’s all good and well watching scary films, but what about when the monsters start to invade your bedroom? When it happens to Samantha, her parents turn to science for the solution.

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The Juniper Tree (1990) directed by Nietzchka Keene

Two sisters flee their homeland in Iceland when their mother is killed for practising witchcraft. Starring singer, Björk, ‘The Juniper Tree’ is full of magic and mystery.

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Them! (1954) directed by Gordon Douglas

In this ultimate cult-classic, New Mexico is over-run by giant mutant ants which have a taste for human flesh when an atomic test goes awry.

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