Games for 5 years and up

For young children, Oscar’s Deep Sea Numbers is ideal for practising counting. With different levels for different abilities, kids can learn to count up to 100 with this friendly octopus.

Or, let Alien Alice help your kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in outer space. Number Know How takes things further by introducing explanations of topics from decimals to ratios.

Games for 6 years and up

With Make A Million the pressure is on with ‘quiz show’ style games asking players to complete maths puzzles against the clock. For multiplication practice, Alien tables takes things into outer space and makes them fun.

Getting children doing mental calculation rather than using calculators is vital. Games like Dosh can help, getting children to solve money-related problems. Number cruncher is great for revising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with four increasingly difficult levels.

Games for 7 years and up

Now that your kids are more advanced in their maths skills, it’s time to make things more challenging. Gridclub offers a large number of maths games for kids aged seven to eleven and up with plenty of different themes

Mathmobile mayhem is a popular choice: a car racing game which requires quick thinking and mental arithmetic. Secret agent asks players to undertake a spy mission which requires plenty of problem solving. Robot Chef gets kids working on their multiplication as they assist the robot chef in preparing meals.

Featured Image Copyright: Gridclub