Getting started: 5-8 year olds

Heidi The Vet Fairy (2015) by Daisy Meadows

Daisy Meadow’s Rainbow Magic series is perfect for getting little ones hooked on reading. Heidi the Vet Fairy has everything kids love, from cute animals to the ultimate baddie – Jack Frost!

Horrid Henry’s Tricky Tricks (2014)] by Francesca Simon

Henry loves to wreak havoc which is why children love reading about his adventures. Enjoy ten favourite Horrid Henry stories, from Henry training fluffy for a pet show to waking the dead!

The next stage: 9-11 year olds

Big Nate: Collection 2 (2012) by Lincoln Peirce

The Big Nate comics follow the escapades of witty and rebellious sixth-grader, Nate Wright. The comics are crazy, hilarious and relatable making them the perfect next step for early readers.

The Ransom of Dond (2013) by Siobhan Dowd

Darra is her mother’s thirteenth child and destined to be sacrificed to the dark god of the underworld. Will Darra succumb to her fate or fight the forces that be?

More confident readers: 12-14 year olds

Dodger (2012) by Terry Pratchett

When street-urchin, Dodger steps in to save a girl from dastardly captors, he stumbles upon an adventure. Pratchett’s work is perfect for young readers, with high comedy and fascinating worlds.

A Monster Calls (2011) by Patrick Ness

Oliver has been having nightmares about a monster. But the monster who turns up in his bedroom isn’t what he expected. An extraordinarily powerful book, A Monster Calls will have your young ones hooked on reading.

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