Learning Games

The Brain Game (Ages 9-11)

Children collect pictures to learn about the brain. With easy to understand information on everything from how eyes work, to detailed diagrams of the ears, this game helps kids with the basics.

Grid City Action (Ages 7-11)

Packed full of interactive activities, Grid City Action covers all the basics of physics. Play puzzles and learn about gravity, the planets and light.

Grid City Life (Ages 7-11)

Kids can get to grips with the basics of biology, with interactive and animated games that explain the food chain, games which teach aliens about life on earth, and tasks to help characters get dressed for the right climate.

Life Underwater (Ages 7-11)

The oceans are full of life and mystery, with thousands of species of plants, fish and mammals. Kids can learn all about life underwater and whether humans could survive with these intriguing games.

The Planets (Ages 9-11)

Fly your spaceship through space to learn about the planets and our solar system! Get fun facts about every planet as you fly past and see if you can find life on Mars!

What Do Animals See? (Ages 7-11)

This game puts kids in the shoes of various creatures of the land and sea to get a sense of what their lives are like. Kids can learn about the natural habitats of different animals from sharks to lions.

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