Books for: young readers starting school

‘Slug Needs a Hug’ (2015) by Jeanna Willis

'Slug Needs a Hug' is one for the younger children who are still working on their reading and starting school soon. ‘Slug Needs a Hug’ is a lovely rhyming story with plenty of pictures about a slug who just wants his mother to hug him, but alas! His mum has no arms since she is a slug!

‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ (1970) by Roald Dahl

Mr Fox and Badger go on a journey to find enough food to keep their family alive in this classic children’s story. An engaging and gripping storyline, with themes throughout of community, determination and calculation, means that children of many ages will be gripped from start to finish.

‘A Library of Lemons’ (2016) by Jo Cotterill

‘A Library of Lemons’ is a beautiful story of friendship, family and how to deal with grief perfect for young readers. When Calypso’s Mum dies, her dad finds it hard to talk about. When she makes friends with Mae, Calypso learns the importance of opening up.

Books for: eager readers starting secondary school

‘The Borrowers’ (1952) by Mary Norton

‘The Borrowers’ is a classic book for young readers full of fun and adventure. Telling the tale of a family of teeny tiny people living under the kitchen floor, there isn’t a dull moment! All they need to do is make sure the ‘Human Beans’ who live above them never catch them borrowing things!

‘Animal Farm’ (1945) by George Orwell

‘Animal Farm’ is perfect for readers young and old and speaks to them on a number of levels. Younger reads will enjoy the story of oppressed farm animals who seek freedom by any means. Slightly older readers will enjoy discovering the symbolism and political nuance which Orwell laces the story with.

‘Small Island’ (2004) by Andrea Levy

‘Small Island’ depicts the experience and many implications of immigration. British author, Andrea Levy, tells a story of racial discrimination in Britain after World War Two. ‘Small Island’ is entertaining for young adults beginning to read more advanced novels, with elements of subtle humour to keep all audiences engaged and excited.

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