“I’ve learned all the course books by heart of course. I just hope it will be enough – I’m Hermione Granger, by the way, who are you?”

Dubbed the smartest witch of her age, Hermione has proved her mettle time and again in the wizarding world. From defeating creatures five times her size, to using her bookish knowledge to solve century old mysteries, there was not a single task that Hermione was not capable of accomplishing. All it took was a swipe of her wand to ensure the trio came out of the seemingly impossible challenges in defeating Lord Voldemort successfully.

Here are the five times we all oohed in response to Hermione’s utter awesomeness!

1. The Devil’s Snare and the smart escape

Remember the time the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone landed Harry, Ron and Hermione into the snares of a vicious plant, the Devil’s Snare? The plant attempted to strangle the three the more they struggled to free themselves of it. However, it was Hermione’s timely intervention that saved them all from the grim depths of the plant. Hermione figured out that they had to remain absolutely still for the plant to free them. While this proved to be an easy task for her and Harry, Ron struggled to comply. It was then that Hermione recalled from one of her classes with Professor Sprout: that the plant preferred a damp and dark environment and that it would be repelled by light. She cast the Lumos Solem spell on the Devil’s Snare, the plant recoiled, and the three walked off completely unharmed!

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2. Unravelling the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets

In book two of the Harry Potter series, the Chamber of Secrets had been opened and no one knew why. Hermione went around looking for answers at the Library, where she came across a passage on the King of Serpents: the Basilisk. Equipped with the knowledge that gazing directly into a Basilisk’s eyes can result in instant death, Hermione used a mirror to navigate around Hogwarts after her visit to the library. While Hermione did eventually end up being petrified, she left behind the perfect clues for Harry and Ron. Crumpled up in her tightly clamped fist was a torn page on the Basilisk with the word Pipes written underneath. Hermione had successfully solved the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets and ended up uncovering the fact that the Basilisk travelled through pipes to get from one place to another within Hogwarts.

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3. Hermione, the Time Lord!

In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, a time travelling device could only be obtained from the Ministry of Magic under special situations and after attaining explicit permission. By the third book, Hermione had proved herself to be so competent that she was granted the exclusive privilege of accessing the Time Turner. She used the device to get some extra classes and together with Harry, saved Sirius Black from being kissed by a Dementor. Not only that, time travelling helped the trio in rescuing Buckbeak before his scheduled beheading.

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4. Forming Dumbledore’s Army

Hermione was always the one to rise up to the task whenever the need arose, even if it meant going against being the perfect student. In ‘Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix’, Professor Umbridge began denying the presence of Lord Voldemort and forbade Defense against the Dark Arts to be practiced within the school premises. Hermione came up with the idea of Dumbledore’s Army, gathered students and with the help of Ron and Harry began training them for Defense against the Dark Arts.

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5. The False Memory charm

Hermione’s heroism was not just limited to the magical world of Hogwarts but extended to her family as well. During the Wizarding War, Hermione had the foresight to cast the False Memory charm on her parents. She altered their memory and relocated them to keep them safe and away from the dark times that lay ahead. While this move was hard on her, she did not hesitate to protect her family from the unknown; proving herself to be the watchful guardian along with being the smartest witch of all!

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