Location and Timings

1) Q. Where is the British Council library located?

A. The British Council in Pakistan has two libraries.

Lahore Library: 65 Mozang Road, Opposite Ganga Raam Hospital.

Karachi Library: British Deputy High Commission, British Council, Shahra-e-Iran, Clifton Block 5, Karachi.

2) Q. What are the opening and closing hours?

A. Tuesdays to Sundays 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.

3) Q. Who is the library open to?

A. Our Library is open to members. Non-members will be able to visit by pre-registering for special events.

Adults: All adult Pakistan residents (18+) are welcome to apply for membership.

Young people ages 11-17: Young people between the ages of 11 and 17 can apply to become members through the family membership scheme. With family membership (2 adults and 4 young people), a young member can come and go from the British Council library unaccompanied.

Children under the age of 11: Children between the ages of 5 and 10 can become members through the family membership scheme. They are allowed access to the library during our family friendly hours which are Tuesday to Sunday, 12 Noon to 5.00 PM and must be accompanied by a member parent or guardian during their visit.

At this time, we are unable to allow children below 5 years of age access to the library. We apologize for the inconvenience.

4) Q. Where can I park if I visit the library?

A. Unfortunately there is no parking on premises, for both Karachi and Lahore you may find parking in locations nearby.

5) Q. How accessible is the library? I am physically handicapped.

A. Our libraries are fully accessible.


1) Q. How do I become an individual/family member?

A. You will have to book a tour of the library to become a full/family member. Tours can be booked from the library website: library.britishcouncil.pk/events

You will be emailed details regarding the tour and reconfirmation calls will be made prior to the visit.

You will be required to bring a proof of identity (valid CNIC and B-form where required) and membership fee.

Once you have the tour, led by our library staff, you will fill out a membership form application and your membership will be processed. You will be handed over your card and pack immediately and will be able to access the Library. For further information, please visit our website: [library.britishcouncil.pk] (http://library.britishcouncil.pk/)

2) Q. How do I book a tour?

A. You will be able to book a tour online through our Library page: library.britishcouncil.pk/events

3) Q. How do I become a digital member?

A. Digital memberships will be opening shortly. Members who choose to become individual or family members will automatically get access to the digital library

4) Q. Where can I find the membership application form for a individual/family membership?

A. You will receive and fill out your membership form following your tour.

5) Q. Where can I find the membership application form for a digital membership?

A. Our digital memberships will be opening shortly. Keep watching this space for information!

6) Q. What are the various membership plans and what do I get access to if I choose either one?

A. There are 3 membership plans: Digital, Individual and Family. For more information visit library.britishcouncil.pk/join

7) Q. What is the membership fee of each of the membership plans?

A. For more information on the fees visit library.britishcouncil.pk/join

8) Q. How can I pay for my individual/family membership?

A. Payments for individual and family memberships will be received in the library (cash plus card accepted) after the library tour.

9) Q. Whom should I contact for any queries regarding the Library?

A. All queries can be address to libraries@britishcouncil.org.pk

10) Q. Can I use my laptop in the library once I become a member?

A. Yes, wireless connectivity is available..Members get their own unique login ID at the time of sign-up

11) Q. For how long will my membership be valid?

A. All memberships are valid for a year.

12) Q. Can I bring friends and family to the library on my membership?

A. Only members are granted access. We will have non-members with advance registration for certain events.

13) Q. Are there any institutional or corporate memberships.

A. We only have three membership offers, individual, family and digital as of now.

Library Offer

1) Q. How many books does the library have?

A. Each of our libraries has over 10,500 books which includes an extensive selection of graphic novels, fiction and non-fiction.

2) Q. How do I find out if you have a book in your library?

A. You can visit and explore our collection on library.britishcouncil.pk/collection/

3) Q. Does the library allow the users to borrow books?

A. Yes, we are a lending library and members will be able to borrow books.

4) Q. What is your lending policy?

A. Members can check out a book for up to 21 days, and a DVD for 7 days at a time. They will also be able to renew items up to 3 times, given that a hold has not been placed by another member

5) Q. What is your policy regarding fines?

All overdue items are subject to a fine in line with library policy.

Our current fines are 20 PKR per book, per day and 50 PKR per DVD, per day.

6) Q. What if an item is lost?

A. Any items that are overdue for more than 45 days are marked as lost. If an item is lost, a member has to pay the replacement fee for the item and any other overdue charges associated with it.

7) Q. What is your policy regarding damages?

A. Depending on the extent of damage to a library item, members will be charged a basic nominal fine up to the replacement fee. This charge is at the discretion of library managers after a review of the item.

8) Q. Where can I find the list of upcoming events?

A. Our calendar for events communicated to the members on email and is available on website: library.britishcouncil.pk/events

9) Q. How do I register myself or a group to attend an event?

A. You can register for events through library.britishcouncil.pk/events

10) Q. How can we be a partner with British Council Library in conducting events?

A. You may contact libraries@britishcouncil.org.pk for further enquiries.

11) Q. Can we donate Books?

A. We currently do not accept donations as per our stock policy.

12) Q. Are there children’s books available?

A. Yes. We have a selection of books for children under 11 that can be issued by their parents.

13) Q. Will I be able to bring food and drinks into the library?

A. No outside food is allowed. However, there is a café in both our Karachi and Lahore library as well as water dispensers.

14) Q. What technology is available onsite?

A. iPads, computers, printers and scanners are available on-site for use by members. Members will also be able to bring their own laptops and iPads for use in the library. Both of our libraries are WiFi equipped.

15) Q. Do you have photocopy / printing facilities?

A. Yes. They can be used by members. There will be associated fees.

16) Q. Will the library be open on public holidays?

A. We will be closed on major public holidays. Members will be kept updated with closures through email and our website.

17) Q. Do you run any activities for children at your library?

A. We will be organizing events for children and families in our library. For more information visit library.britishcouncil.pk/events

18) Q. How can I subscribe to e-newsletters?

A. You can subscribe newsletters on this link: britishcouncil.pk/library/newsletter

19) Q. Does the library have Urdu books?

A. We will are working towards building an Urdu collection for both of our libraries

20) Q. Do you have books that would help us with exam preparation?

A. Yes we have an extensive array of English language learning resources, as well as a wide range of books on diverse subjects including law, business, science and arts.

21) Q. Can I download books/journals online?

A. Yes our digital offer gives you access to Jstor and online learning materials.