‘Off the Shelf’ and the Legacy Collection

‘Off the Shelf’ is an exhibition composed of books and prints from our Legacy Collection. Our libraries in Pakistan closed down 15 years ago, and with their closing, books accumulated over decades of our operations in the country were largely donated to local universities, research organisations, and public libraries. However, a few rare books of historical significance were kept. The reopening of our libraries in Pakistan afforded the perfect opportunity to explore this collection dating back to the mid-19th century. The British Council Libraries invited a curatorial team to sift through these historical books, acquired over the many decades of the British Council’s presence in the country. This exhibition has allowed us to make these books accessible to the public, through our libraries.

The British Council Libraries’ Legacy Collection, with a strong focus on the history of the South Asia region, is a significant resource that provides ample opportunities for academic researchers and the public to delve into a particular era of South Asian history. These books allow us to investigate issues of identity, nationhood, politics, and our relationship with the past.

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