‘After the Prophet’ by Lesley Hazleton (2009)

In this historical narrative, Lesley Hazleton examines the history of Islam from the moments following the death of Prophet Muhammad for Muslim and non-Muslim readers both. Hazleton examines the intersection of politics and religion and where the divisions that persist today arose.

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‘What is Islam?’ By Shahab Ahmed (2015)

Shahab Ahmed takes on the huge task of examining what Islam is, from the religion to the culture, politics to philosophy. Ahmed reveals how contradictory yet coherent Islam can be in a book designed to provoke thought and debate.

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‘Democracy, Human Rights and Law in Islamic Thought’ by Mohammad Abed al-Jabri (2014)

A fascinating collection of essays which introduce English speakers to some of the foundational principles of Arab political thought. Covering topics such as democracy and law, the writings examine the forces shaping the Arab world and how they bear relation to thinking in the West.

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‘Mecca, The Sacred City’ by Ziauddin Sardar (2014)

There are many layers to the significance of Mecca, and each is explored in Sardar’s compelling book. Looking at everything from the history, to how it has shaped Muslim culture, ‘Mecca, The Sacred City’ will give you a fresh perspective on one of the most important places in the world today.

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‘Loyal Enemies: British Converts to Islam, 1850-1950’ by Jamie Gilham (2014)

Here Gilham investigates the British who converted to Islam across a century, exploring the nature of faith and belief and how these interact with concepts like empire and imperialism. By looking at the lives of these figures, Gilham sheds new light on the Muslim identity.

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