‘The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips’ (2005) by Michael Morpurgo

Set against the backdrop of World War Two, we see the world through our young narrator, Lily Tregenze’s eyes. Lily tells her fascinating story of family and friendship when, after being forced to move house by the army, her beloved cat, TIps goes missing.

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‘Fortunately, the Milk’ (2013) by Neil Gaiman

If your kids aren’t into Harry Potter but love a book with imagination, this is ideal. A boy and his little sister accuse their father of taking too long to go to the shops for milk. When he tells them why he was delayed, things get wacky, from alien invasions to pirate queens.

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‘Keeper’ (2003) by Mal Peet

For a haunting story that will stay with you and your kids, ‘Keeper’ is the one. The story of a soccer player named “El Gato”, this book combines spellbinding storytelling and serious soccer action.

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‘The Boy in the Dress’ (2008) by David Walliams

This is a brilliant short novel for children today, all about tolerance, acceptance and being yourself. Dennis likes to wear dresses, but only goes to show that there’s nothing wrong with dressing like a girl, and indeed being a girl, in this heartwarming story.

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‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ (1850) by C. S. Lewis

A children’s classic, C.S Lewis wrote the rule book on creating magical fantasy worlds. When some curious children find themselves in an alternative world full of fantastical characters and creatures, the battle between good and evil begins.

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