The Science of Love and Betrayal
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The Science of Love and Betrayal
by Dunbar, Robin

Falling in love is one of the strangest things we can do - and one of the things that makes us uniquely human. But what happens to our brains when our eyes meet across a crowded room? Why do we kiss each other, forget our friends, seek a 'good sense of humour' in Lonely Hearts adverts and try (and fail) to be monogamous? How are our romantic relationships different from our relationships with friends, family or even God? Can science help us, or are we better off turning back to the poets? Basing his arguments on new and experimental scientific research, Robin Dunbar explores the psychology and ethology of romantic love and how our evolutionary programming still affects our behaviour. Fascinating and illuminating, witty and accessible, "The Science of Love and Betrayal" is essential reading for anyone who's ever wondered why we fall in love and what on earth is going on when we do.


Publication date: 07 Feb 2013

ISBN: 9780571253456

OPAC reference: 6927

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