The Private Blog of Joe Cowley
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The Private Blog of Joe Cowley
by Davis, Ben

The brilliantly funny and cringe-worthy secret blog of 14-year-old Joe Cowley (wannabe comic artist and self-confessed repeller of girls): Sunday 1st January So here's the thing. I've decided to start writing a blog. A private one. The idea is that it'll help me sort my life out, because quite frankly, it can't get much worse ... I gained the nickname Puke Skywalker after vomiting over Louise Bentley on the waltzer. I am subjected to daily wedgies by my arch-enemy Gav James. * My so-called best mates are trying to get me killed in a bid to win GBP250 on You've Been Framed. This cannot go on. I have to do something, or I'll end up like Mad Morris down the park who thinks he's Jesus. By the end of next term, I'm going to be a completely different person. At least, that's the theory...


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