Hacking the Future: Online Anonymity, Privacy, and Control
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Hacking the Future: Online Anonymity, Privacy, and Control
by Stryker, Cole

How does anonymity enable free speech - and how is it a threat? 'I think anonymity on the internet has to go away,' famously said by Randi Zuckerburg (sister of Mark), has become the policy for some, while the Stop Online Piracy Act mobilised millions to petition Congress is protest. "Identity Wars" examines the ways that online anonymity influences politics, activism, religion and art. Cole Stryker presents a strong defence of anonymity and explores some of the tools and organisations that have sprung up around the issue as it has evolved with the ubiquity of the Internet. Cogent and compelling, his examination of online identity, both false and real, is an essential read for the networking age.


Publication date: 08 Nov 2012

ISBN: 9780715644041

OPAC reference: 6197

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