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In his first year in Hogwarts, Harry dons his invisibility cloak and sneaks into the Restricted Section of the library to research Nicholas Flamel, only for things to go badly awry. When he picks a large black book off the shelf, the last thing he expects is it to scream when he opens it, swiftly ending his undercover mission.

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Hermione wangling her way into the Restricted Section

We would’ve never had the wonders of Polyjuice Potion were it not for Hermione craftily using Gilderoy Lockhart’s autograph to get into the Restricted Section. It was this amazing potion that let Ron and Harry transform into Goyle and Crabbe to infiltrate the Slytherin common room.

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Viktor Krum working up the nerve to ask Hermione out

We all face the fear of rejection: even Bulgarian Quidditch star, Viktor Krum. Realising that Hermione loves her books, Krum hangs out in the library for ages before finally working up the courage to ask her to the Yule Ball. Awwww!

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Madam Pince calling Harry out

Madam Pince, the librarian runs a tight ship. When she finds Harry and Hermione in the library after hours, she makes no bones about kicking them out. Seeing the state of Harry’s copy of Advanced Potion-Making she really lets fly at him, calling him a “depraved boy.” She’s not one to mince her words!

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Generally helping in the fight against Voldemort

The library plays a huge role in defeating Voldemort down the years: it’s definitely one of the unsung heroes of the books. Think back to the Chamber of Secrets: when Ron and Harry find a petrified Hermione, it’s the page she’s torn out of a library book in her hand that tells them the true form of Slytherin’s monster.

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