1. Kimid

Kimball O Hara was a child, like many others, living on the streets of India. That was, until he befriended a Buddhist lama and became his disciple. As Kim travels across the country he meets a member of the British Secret Service and discovers secrets he couldn’t have imagined. As we follow Kim, we see him transformed from a simple vagabond into a sharpened operative in the dangerous world of politics, betrayal and death.

2. Judge Dredd - Mega-City Zero (part 1)

Ushering in a brave new era, Judge Dredd awakens to find that Mega-City One has been sent back to the Stone Age, with city blocks overgrown and nary a citizen to be found. Witness as Dredd struggles to unravel the mystery as he copes with being just another ordinary Joe.

3. Under the Black Ensign

Tom Bristol barely escapes an unjust death sentence aboard the British HMS Terror when the ship is overtaken by pirates. Soon enough, Bristol is stranded on a desert island for stopping a pirate mutiny. When Lady Jane Campbell joins Tom at sea, things really set sail in this swashbuckling adventure.

4. Steed & Mrs. Peel (Part 3)

From the one and only Grant Morrison - the conclusion of "The Golden Game!" Psychedelic secret agents John Steed and Emma Peel search for Tara King as she leads them to a secret society obsessed with deadly games. Will our heroes survive The Leopard People?

5. Archie & Friends – Weird He Go?

Archie is convinced the new British exchange student staying with Veronica is an alien from another world... especially when he finds the student's giant robot! Is the visitor really out of this world, or is Archie just out of his head?

Or why not try - Viva Las Vegas

The glittery city never saw anyone as glittering as Katy. Katy is in town to present the awards at an extreme sports skateboarding competition, but she isn't winning any awards with her love-interest, stuntman K.O. Kirby. It's romantic intrigue, classy comedy, and fashions galore as only Katy can deliver!

6. The Man Who Would Be King

Adaption of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale of two wayward British non-commissioned officers in 19th century India seeking fortune and fame on the Asian continent with ultimately tragic results.

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Demons of the Gold Rush #1 snapshot

7. Foster Broussard - Demons of the Gold Rush #1

In 1849, suave British con-man Foster Broussard comes to San Francisco hoping to find his fortune and save his neck in the California gold rush. His multi-layer grift spins out of control as he stumbles between an American Industrialist and an ancient evil spirit held in check by a Native American tribe.

8. His Dream of the Skyland - Walled City Book #1

Imperialist controlled Hong Kong, the British ruling classes and the ambitious dynasty-influenced Chinese all create an amazing labyrinth, where the Chinese-colonial inspired illustrations create an utterly distinct experience, immersing you in a world that is opulent, dark and absorbing.

9. Order Of The Dagonet #2

The mythological creatures of ancient Britain have returned, and the faerie hoards are on the warpath! Our heroes are finally back on British soil, and things are about to get really weird. Emerald and Tottington have seen the bizarre, but nothing can prepare them for the Emerald Crusade!

10. Female Force: Princess Diana

This comic series has been featured on CNN, Fox News, and OK! Magazine. Princess. Public Figure. Philanthropist. Parent. Diana, Princess of Wales emerged in the early 1980s as a fresh face to the stoic British monarchy with a storybook wedding, which was unfortunately later a tabloid breakup. She emerged as a modern British woman and admirable icon to not only England but the world.