Lahore Library

Lahore Library

65 Mozang Road, Lahore



Our Lahore library is now open! We go beyond the book and offer experiences. The British Council libraries in Pakistan seamlessly connect both the physical and the digital to be a hub for creativity and culture. Our libraries can quickly shift from book places to vibrant and resourceful social spaces with a jam-packed programme of curated content and events.

Our programming aspires to generate ideas, discussion and bring people and communities together in a safe cultural setting. The British Council physical library offers books, DVDs, and an interactive community space. Digital library members across the country will also gain access to thousands of e-books, e-journals, popular on-line magazines, and the best of UK and global content.

The first step to becoming a member is signing up for a library tour. Our tours run daily from 11 am to 6 pm and take up-to an hour including all logistics.

You can also stay posted with library updates by subscribing to our newsletter.

Become a member

Library Visiting Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 20.00

Telephone Inquiry Hours

Monday – Saturday: 09.00 – 18.00

Access guidelines

Access to the British Council Lahore Library
We welcome visitors with disabilities and those bringing pushchairs. If you need help with access, or have any questions, please let us know.

Getting here

British Council Lahore Library is located in a modern office block located inside the British Council premises.

Nearest bus stops are:

  • Faisal Chowk Bus Stop that is 600 m away which requires going right and then left towards Mall Road
  • Zoo Bus Stop that is 1.2 km away which requires going right and then left on Mall Road

To approach the pedestrian entrance from any of these routes involves crossing the main road which has heavy traffic at all times as the Ganga Ram Hospital’s Children’s emergency is right across the road from the pedestrian entrance.

The proximity to the Board Office which happens to be on the same road worsens access due to traffic.

There is no pedestrian crossing or zebra crossing on the road. The kerb in front of the pedestrian entrance is lined with barriers that are difficult to get through but one small opening has been created to facilitate access for wheelchairs. A ramp next to the kerb would help to ease access. (Especially when it rains and the cemented kerb gets submerged)


The nearest vehicle drop-off point is 4m from the main entrance. There is the drop-off point that can be used by visitors with disabilities as well.

Please contact us before your visit so that we can arrange this.

The distance from the vehicle drop off point to the main library is approximately 32 m.


Car parking is not available near the library at Mozang Road; however vehicles are usually parked at the Board Office parking or in the street next to the Board Office.

Parking is available at the Zoo which is 1.5km away but this option cannot be availed on the weekends due to a high influx of visitors at the Zoo.

There are no other accessible parking spaces close by.

What to expect when you arrive

Main entrance

  • Step-free access to the library is provided via the main entrance. The main door is accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users.
  • The width of the main entrance door is 34 inches.
  • The width of two more doors leading to the walkway towards the library building is 35 inches and 34 inches respectively.
  • A ramp is not needed for wheelchair or pushchair access to the main entrance.
  • There are no steps leading up to the main entrance.

Security check

  • As you enter the building from the main road, you will need to go through a security check. This involves you, your wheelchair and your bag being checked.
  • You may hear several loud bleeps during the check.
  • If you have any concerns about the security check, please contact us before your visit.


  • The Security guard room also serves as the reception to register the visitors. You will be asked to provide your identity document and will be provided with a visitor pass. If you are a library member, then you have to display your library card to gain access to the library building.
  • On entering the library, you will be informed about our emergency evacuation plan.

Walkway to the library building

  • Step-free access to the library is provided via the main entrance.
  • The width of the walkway facilitates movement of the wheelchairs towards the library.
  • The main library door can easily accommodate 4 people to pass through at one time. Both doors can be opened at one time.

Building overview

  • British Council Library Lahore is a one-floor facility, with wide spaces accessible to visitors using wheelchairs. The layout of the shelving and the corridors is wide enough for easy mobility.
  • There is a café within the library that members can access.

Meeting rooms

All meeting rooms and their resources are easily accessible on wheelchair.

Accessible toilet

  • There is an accessible toilet in the library which is suitable for people using wheelchairs.
  • The width of the toilet door is 28.3 inches. The door opens outwards.


  • On the way out of the main premises, the width of the RFID gate is 40 inches.
  • Doors one and two are 31 and 34 inches wide.